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How to use Wall Decals to Decorate your room

Posted by in on May 12, 2014 .

Today we are proud to recommend one of the best seller sections on our DECDECALS online shop, that is quotes wall stickers. Maybe someone have no idea about it before, and don’t worry we will give a detailed introduction about this new and innovative interior decor. Just look the pic as follow:

It is a saying quoted Dr. Seuss. Quotes wall stickers are those like this with a famous sentence or sayings said by some great figures. With our quote wall stickers, you are able to decorate any ambiance you like to give courage or motivation to your kids, your employees, your students, or even yourself with the inspirational sentences on the walls anywhere they should be, like living room, bedroom, office, classroom or even your kitchen and bathroom. It ranks the most easy and convenient way to make your room more welcoming. We are providing a wide selection of some well-known such as “Why fit in where you were, born to stand out!” by Dr. Seuss and “Be who you are say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” also said by Dr. Seuss. 

All these quotes are inspirational for you to improve yourself to the best and always make you trust yourself.

Besides, we are also providing a few family related sentences that will bring happiness and warm to your family and even your guests and create a pleasant atmosphere for them. If there is no lettering design satisfying you, we are also happy to ask you as the author of your own quote wall decals. You are provided the option to customize the decals of your own name or sentences. And you are also able to choose the fonts and colors you would like the decals to be. Just send us your text, color, size and font, then stay at home waiting for the delivery courier, that’s it! The text may be a famous saying by one of the outstanding man, or just a phrased of your grandma. I really believe it will warm the hearts of your whole family. Whatever mood you are going to create in your room, we are confident to make you fully satisfied with that.

Offices are the places where you work and get alone with your colleagues. It is a place where you sit at your office table doing business for eight hours every day or more if you’re on salary. There will be a sort of special relationship between you and your office room over the years. You do whatever related to business at this room and with the days passing by, you probably become a part of it. So it is really necessary that the room is comfortable and pleasant for you and your workmates to stay in. If there is anything that you are most likely to make decisions, that is your office surroundings. And if you are lucky enough to make it as you like, we would like now to introduce a new type of interior wall decoration.


There is no need to employ any tools like glue, adhesive tapes or even emulsion paint. The convenience to applying may be the most reason of its popularity. And you could put these wall stickers all over the places of your office instead of the monotonous white walls. If you have never seen this kind of wall stickers before, maybe you think they are just wall stickers for kids or for family rooms. But now, with the rapid emerging of the new things, they can be applied in any places like offices, public places or even weddings and parties. They are quite awesome that will reflect the personality of people as well as of a place. 

Also, decorating your office walls with this easy wall stickers will bring more vitality and comfort to your work place, and you will feel free to deal with your work in the sticker-decorated offices. You know, our office hours are always tight and we seldom feel relaxed when tackling with problems of our work. So innovative wall stickers will bring you visual enjoyment and eliminate fatigue during your office time.


Posted by in on Apr 28, 2014 .

No matter the babies in the cradle, toddlers, or the teenagers, they are all fond of something that will accompany them to spend their childhood. With the rapid advancement of people’s thoughts, today there is an emerging love for kids, like stuffed toys or some other plaything. That is the nursery wall stickers. As the bedroom is the kids’ own space, where they are sleeping, doing homework and playing with their buddies, the parents must have paid much more attention to the decoration of their son’s room.

Applying nursery wall decals can help parents turn their kids’ rooms into a tranquil, calm as well as pleasant place that will be perfect for babies or teenagers. Wall sticker online shop maintains a large collection of kids stickers for you to choose from. The shop is providing decals for both newborn babies or toddlers, boys or girls as well as for every growing family. What is the most important, since the decals are mostly for kids, they are completely harmless to their bodies. So parents can believe that it is the safest way to decorate your children’s room. In addition, the decals are much easier to be pasted on the wall that just your kids can do it by themself. Just peel off the cover paper and paste them. That’s it. Besides, the most worth mentioning is that there is a wide variety of decals for the customers to choose from. The main categories include animals, trees & flowers, black chalkboard, photo frame, alphabet and so on. Also, the wall art sticker shop is offering customizable stickers for the kids. They can have their decals made to order so that they are able to have their favorite figures or sayings on the wall.

A child’s room should set to be a friendly and inviting place where they will feel relaxed and safe to live and an inspirational place where they will gain courage and confidence to face the challenges forward. Our nursery wall stickers are designed just for this meaning. In this category you will find the appropriate removable stickers for your babies or your toddlers.

Posted by in on Apr 21, 2014 .

For house is a place where we live, sleep, have meals and have joys with our families, before we move into a new house, the first thing we should do is to decorate it. Besides those traditional decorations, don’t you want to decorate your rooms with something different? Today, we would like to introduce an emerging way of interior decorating

It is called the vinyl wall stickers. Since the material of this new wall stickers is vinyl, compared with other traditional ways of painting, it is harmless to our bodies. And the vinyl stuff is widely used in our daily life. These wall stickers are all self-adhesive made by premium vinyl and they will leave no adhesive residues on your walls. The methods of application is simple. The buyers just need to peel off the cover of the stickers with their finger and paste it wherever they like. There is no need of any tools like glue or adhesive tapes. Unlike the paintings, this kind of stickers are fully removable and reusable. If you want to change for another wall stickers, just peel it off from the wall. And also, it looks real like someone painted or it was written onto the surface by hand.

The various styles are another advantage of this innovative wall stickers. We have a list of all categories you can imagine, which the top sales are nursery wall stickers and quotes & sayings wall stickers. You can choose whatever you like on our website, or you can have them made to order according to your wish. There are plenty of patterns and colors for you to choose from, and each fonts are available.


The vinyl wall art stickers have begun a new chapter of interior decorating so that you are able to turn your own space into an individual art gallery. 

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